Sunday, April 09, 2006

"What Bill Is Thinking" Article

I'd never head of the Clinton Global Initiative. As of this writing, it appears he's raised around $2.5 Billion (with a B!) to help fight world problems.

More interesting are the comments that others left about the article. I left this comment, only to find that Business Week would publish it in a few days (I guess if they find it acceptable):

I hadn't heard much about this, so it's obviously very low-key (and obviously not the grab for attention others mentioned). I say more power to him and to Ms. Clinton. Yes they had issues, no one should deny that. But compared to the current administration's focus on fighting the rest of the world (a current example is this week's talk of bombing Iran - how ridiculous is that?) and KILLING my military friends in the process, those were small issues. (Let's see, how much time and money were wasted investigating what basically amounted to a headjob? What about the REAL issues out there...). Come on, people, now, we need to vote this current group out, starting with Congress this fall.

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