Friday, April 21, 2006

New Phone

Well, I guess I dropped the BBerry too many times because now it won't tell me there's an incoming call. I get voicemails, but I never get the notice to let me know someone's calling.

I stopped by Verizon's website to see what they have, and found the XV6700 Pocket PC phone. It's got PDA/ e-mail/ slideout keyboard/ txtmsging/ XMradio/ camera/ camcorder/ Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth/ EVDO/ PDQXYZ/ and, oh yeah, cell phone. I did some on-line research, found lots of positive reviews, and picked it up last night. VERY nice!

Don't have a clue yet what the e-mail address is, but it comes with manuals (yes more than one, CD-wise). Guess I'll just fumble around with it like a good techie should until I have a $5,284 cell phone bill or I figure it out (hopefully the latter comes first).

It works with my Bluetooth headphone, it works with my home wireless network (so it will also work with hotspots around town), and it works with Verizon's high-speed network when a hotspot isn't available. There was an issue with getting the wireless network radio and the telephone radio to work at the same time, but a simple registry change fixed that! (Why it's disabled by Verizon I can't figure.)

I downloaded a piece of software from Handango that allows me to stream my XM radio stations to the phone. I haven't played with it yet (I'll do that this weekend). Can hardly wait!!

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