Thursday, April 27, 2006

Meetings to Plan Meetings

So I was having withdrawal because I spent the whole morning preparing for a meeting and then attending the meeting, wherein we talked about our current projects and planned our strategy to have more meetings. Fun!

We were scrambling yesterday because we had tried for a week or so to find two sign language interpreters for one of our colleagues. We finally found two (Anne and Jayne), and they both came today to the meeting, but Anne had to leave early. Now, my interpreting sign is ok (a lowercase ok, not an uppercase, gee-whiz-my-sign-language-is-great OK!!), and Anne left about an hour before the meeting ended, meaning I had to pick up the slack.

I don't mind supporting my colleagues, you see, but I was following the pros. As Jayne and I switched off, I think she felt pity for me trying to keep up with all the technical computer jargon because she would rest for about 10 minutes (seemed like an eternity to me) and then switch with me for about 20 minutes. Finally she had to leave, so I was left to my own for about 30 minutes. Whew! But I learned a lot of different computer technology signs, so it was a good time.....

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