Sunday, June 15, 2008

PDF Annotator

Just downloaded and installed the newest PDF Annotator (version 2) from Grahl Software. It's got a LOT of new stuff. Highly recommended!! (I don't work for Grahl, I'm just a very satisfied customer.)

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Greatest . . . Purchase . . . Ever!

Well, it's maybe not the greatest purchase ever, but it ranks right up there!

Picture it: We usually put off until Sunday evening (don't we all??) to wash, and there's sometimes a mad scramble to get there first. We bought one of these Whirlpool portable washers and it's really working great for us.

It's quick, too -- even the longest cycle takes less than 45 minutes or so. Plus, we can pause it mid-cycle and let stuff soak for as long as we want. We keep it in the little closet under the stairs that's in the laundry room. When needed, we roll it out and hook it up. When done, we roll it back out of the way.

Highly recommended!