Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Linux v. Windows

Man I was frustrated last night. Tried to install a PDA app using ActiveSync. The app wouldn't load because the account I was using wasn't an administrator of the machine.

I had like 30 windows open in the middle of some research and wasn't about to log off, so I tried to find the runas command on the file. No go. Don't know why - just another stupid Windows "issue" I'm sure. Microsoft wants people to not use admin accounts for daily use, yet they put up roadblocks all over the place if the logged in account is a regular user.

I finally gave up and closed all the open windows, logged in as an admin, and provided admin rights to my normal login. AT THAT TIME I FOUND OUT that if I tried loading the app in Active Sync logged on as an admin, that just created a whole other set of issues because the PDA wasn't attached to that account, blah BLAH blah BLAH blah BLAH. Made me wanna have a STROKE!!

Oh well. I logged in as myself with my new admin privileges and installed the app. Fuck it - I'm gonna leave the admin privileges there.

I tell ya, when they have pen input for the tablets completed (which I read they're working on), Windows on my home computers will be so history.....

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