Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Case for My New Phone

The standard case that came with my new phone is pretty basic. I've found that a great case for the XV6700 is the standard case that came with my Archos 4100 (which has been safely residing in its Executive case). Take a look at these pics:

It's perfect for me: compact, easy-to-carry, and its has a belt loop on the back of the case.

You can see that it holds my phone, plus my Plantronics headset is attached to the closing strap for easy portability.

My only issue is with the belt loop; because it's attached to the case on both sides, I can't easily remove it without taking off my belt. That's a minor issue, though, since I rarely attach stuff like this to my belt. On the other hand, the belt loop is stretchy (like the closing strap) so it's easy to slip onto two fingers for a better grip on the case.

My friends say that I'm obsessive about collecting bags and cases, but here's an example where holding onto one of these really paid off.....

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