Sunday, July 05, 2009

TMZ App on iPhone

I'm not one to follow the "celebrity sites," but some friends recently turned me on to the TMZ app for iPhone. I've been playing around with the app and have found some interesting things. For one, it's been showing info about the death (won't say murder yet but we probably know better) of Steve McNair of the Ravens (and the Titans). I never really thought about ball players as being celebs like Michael Jackson, Billy Mays, and Taylor Hicks, all of whom are mentioned today.

In addition to the writeup, the app also displays a small picture in the upper left-hand corner that when tapped, often displays a set of photos to skim through. And there are plenty of videos as well. Pretty cool. Today, there's a timeline in pictures year-by-year of Michael Jackson that's kinda horrifying toward and into the 2000's -- methinks he was a tortured soul to so drastically change himself like that.....

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