Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Digitally Imported and Groovin'

If you've not been here to see the streaming radio music they provide, you're truly missing out on a good thing. They offer free streaming at lower quality in 3 formats, but for only about $5/month, you can be a premium member, support their great stations, and get streaming music at like 128k and 192k quality!

There are over 30 stations to listen to, and they all work (unlike some other radio portals where a good number of the links don't respond). My favorites are Deep House, Smooth Jazz, Country, Hit 70s, and Classic Electronica.

Even better, they've optimized their webpage for mobile devices so it's extremely easy to select a station. I'm connected most of the time to their stations either with my tablet or my cellphone. (Of course, I'm also connected to XM64--The Groove when I'm not connected to

Definitely recommended as a site to keep your good eye on! Try it out!

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