Saturday, June 03, 2006

We Are Small and Insignificant


How humbling.

The Joshua Tree National Park is huge, the boulders are huge, the vistas are huge, and the trees are ancient.

Me with one of the Joshua Trees:

The size of the boulders that push up out of the Earth during seismic events are indescribable. Look closely and you'll see a person (in a white shirt) on the boulders in the lower right-hand corner:

We were about a mile high at the Keys Point, and when we looked out over the edge:

The plants were diverse, bushes were green, and some plants had yellow and purple flowers. They didn't seem to care that we were about a mile up and in the middle of the desert:

I have videos of the Joshua Trees. There are literally thousands of them in fields around the park. Like the 4,000 windmills we saw the other day, the view of them just goes on and on.....

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